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Digital transformation, a top priority in sales activities of family-owned companies






9:00h - 12:00h



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  • The beginning of commercial digitalisation: Is there an online market for my company? Where and how to analyse it.
  • Digital marketing focused on tangible results, not on intangible ones.
  • What is the figure of the sales/marketing manager with respect to this digital market? Catalytic and integrative function.
  • Barriers on the part of sales teams in family-owned businesses: pitfalls and doubts that come to the fore in this type of project.
  • Creation of a dashboard to measure the return of digital commercial actions undertaken and integrating them into the performance dashboard of traditional commercial actions.
  • Real cases of B2B companies that have integrated the Internet into their traditional business strategy


The Internet has opened up enormous possibilities for the development of B2B business models and for business development and expansion. So much so that it is estimated that more than 25 % of global B2B retail will be conducted exclusively through digital channels by 2020. This does not mean that metal profiles (for example) will be sold in a digital shopping cart; that will take time. The key is to understand how the Internet, due to its capillarity and speed, can help to uncover leads, both in domestic and export markets, that otherwise would have been difficult, if not impossible, to attract through the traditional sales department. In this conference, we will see real cases of companies in the B2B field (machine tool, fine boilerwork, construction, etc.), which have integrated digital business strategies in their traditional commercial transactions with very satisfactory results: new qualified business opportunities, offers and sales.


Maitane Hernández


Executive MBA at ESIC. Over 10 years’ experience in managing and advising on attracting new business projects through digital ecosystems for industrial and B2B companies, both in the domestic and export markets