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Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Cybersecurity: four technologies that are the basis of the digitisation and innovation processes that are transforming our economy and society. The technology industry is nowadays the main vehicle for the transmission of culture and knowledge, and the one that will trigger the most profound changes, laying the new foundations for digital demands and the scientific culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What are the latest breakthroughs in the development of these technologies? What possibilities of use do they offer in the short and long term? What projects are being implemented on in the public and private sectors? How should organisations adapt to the opportunities offered by technology? What are the profiles that will be in demand in the organisations of the future?

The LEADERS IN TECH conference aims to answer these questions, giving voice to people and organisations that are leading the development and applications in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.

Not to mention that technology and business must go hand in hand to make a real impact. To this end, we will highlight examples of leadership in organisations in our ecosystem that are changing the Basque technology and business landscape, and that will share their vision on the challenges and opportunities of technology as an engine of development and innovation.

The event aims to make visible the talent 4.0 that contributes to the demand for digital, scientific and technological profiles that are key to Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of the Basque economy.

Maitane Hernández, CEO of Weroi, will participate in the round table on digital transformation.


Maitane Hernández Iturbe


12 years of experience in the management and advising of digital business acceleration projects in Basque industrial companies (machine/tools, capital goods, subcontracting, aerospace, automotive, engineering, agro-food, etc.) as well as in international projects (mainly in the mining and oil and gas industries). In 2010, she became a founding partner and General Manager at Weroi Digital SL, a company dedicated to the integration of digital business strategies within the traditional sales departments of industrial companies, a position she currently holds. Her CV also includes a stint as head of fast track channels at Hasten Ventures AIE, in internationalisation and investment projects, as well as Manager of digital marketing for the European market at Intertek, an American multinational with operations in more than 110 countries, specialising in certification, analysis and testing in different sectors. Degree in English Philology and EMBA at ESIC.